Born in Vienna / Austria I was influenced by fantastic realism of Vienniese artists at an early age.

Finding myself in psychedelic sub culture in my teenager years, my interrest in visionary and psychedelic art got rekindled, the urge to create my own fantastic and colorful world was inexorable.

With my paintings i focus on the visionary realms of my dreams and the feigned reality we live in. I belive through meditation and medicine we are able to see the true beauty that surrounds us.

Through my paintings I try to reveal this alluring and magnificent world to the general public. It´s my desire to touch, to provoke, to teach, to uplift and to cheer up humanity.


I started working with clay in 2015 as an variety to painting and became fascinated with the art of chillum and pipe making.

Since then ceramics became a constant outlet whenever I feel the need to work more tactile and get my hands dirty.

I love to create pieces of art that actually get used and bring joy to their owners by not only the look of it but by touching and feeling it.

In my ceramic art i try to combine traditional methods with new aproges and techniques . The esthetics of my pieces balance between traditional forms and contemporary design heavily influenced by nature and machinery .

Over time I practised many different disciplines such as Glass blowing , fotography ,woodworking..and I am always eager to explore new ways of creating Art because

                Art makes the world a brighter place.